True Grit Epic

In 2 weeks i will be heading to St.George for the True Grit Epic  This Race features some of the best riding St.George Utah has to offer. Here is a link to the True Grit Epic website

Upon Arriving to St.George Utah it rained heave for at least 16 hours. When it wasn’t raining heavy, it was still a light rain. For Saturday the race was postponed for a few hours due to flooding. I was in stage 4, i was fast up the first hill, I saw a few people going the wrong direction and didn’t think anything of it. Then the mud started, at first it wasn’t very bad, but it continued to get extremely muddy. My wheels were caked, i couldn’t even push my bike, the mud was so thick. I tried to scrape it off and continue on foot with bike over shoulder. I got a little further but with all mud in drive train and suspension/wheels i decided to turn around


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